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1Study   on Characteristics of Mining Earthquake in Multicoal Seam Mining under Thick   and Hard Strata in High PositionSHOCK   AND VIBRATION2021
2Tunable   electronic and optical properties of new two-dimensional Blue P/MoSe2 van der   Waals heterostructures with the potential for photocatalysis applicationsChemical   Physics Letters20211777尚贞晓尚贞晓
3Sedimentary   record of nutrients and sources of organic matter in the Shuanglong   reservoir, Dianchi watershed, ChinaENVIRONMENTAL   SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH20211428 周子柯牛晓音
4Natural   N-bearing nanoparticles in sediments of a shallow bay of the south china: A   new N form in N-cyclingEcological   Indicators2021
5Study   on the desulfurization performance of iron/ethanolamine/deep eutectic solvent   systemENVIRONMENTAL   SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH20212828刘新鹏刘新鹏
6Enhanced   removal of hydrogen sulfide using novel nanofluid system composed of deep   eutectic solvent and Cu nanoparticlesJournal   of Hazardous Materials2021
7Enhancement   effect of nanofluids on the desulfurization and regeneration performance of   ionic liquid-based systemJournal   of Hazardous Materials2021
8Effect   of Ultrasonic Frequency on Thickener PerformanceAdvances   in Materials Science and Engineering2021
9Resilience   of fungal flora in bauxite residues amended with organic matter and   vermiculite/fly ashJOURNAL   OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT2021
10Response   of ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteria to sulfadiazine and copper and   their interaction in black soilsENVIRONMENTAL   SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH2021928刘喜娟刘爱菊
11Comparative   study of removing anionic contaminants by layered double hydroxides with   different pathsColloids   and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects2021
12Effective   removal and expedient recovery of As(V) and Cr(VI) from soil by layered   double hydroxides coated waste textileSeparation   and Purification Technology2021
13Central-collapsed   structure of CoFeAl layered double hydroxides and its photocatalytic   performanceJOURNAL   OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE2021
14Black   phosphorus nanosheets and ZnAl-LDH nanocomposite as environmental-friendly   photocatalysts for the degradation of Methylene blue under visible light   irradiationAPPLIED   CLAY SCIENCE2021
15华北克拉通东部古太平洋板块俯冲与回撤作用:来自辽西兴城地区晚中生代花岗质岩石的记录与启示(The   paleo-Pacific plate subduction and slab roll-back beneath eastern North China   Craton: Insights from the Late Mesozoic granitoids in Xingcheng area,western   Liaoning Province.)岩石学报(Acta   Petrologica Sinica)2021836崔芳华徐学纯
16Identification   of (anti-)androgenic activities and risks of sludges from industrial and   domestic wastewater treatment plantsEnvironmental   Pollution2021Pt   B268胡欣欣史薇
17Unmanned   aerial vehicle oblique photography-based superposed fold analysis of outcrops   in the Xuhuai region, North ChinaGEOLOGICAL   JOURNAL2021456赖红玉刘丽萍
18A   collaborative effect of algae-bacteria symbiotic and biological activated   carbon system on black odorous water pretreated by UV photolysisBiochemical   Engineering Journal2021
19Nanofiltration   desalination of reverse osmosis concentrate pretreated by advanced oxidation   with ultrafiltration: Response surface optimization and exploration of   membrane foulingJournal   of Environmental Chemical Engineering202169宋万超卢杰
20Processing   and microstructure-permeation properties of silica bonded silicon carbide   ceramic membraneJournal   of the European Ceramic Society20211541李阳马艳飞
21TiO2/g-C3N4   photocatalyst for the purification of potassium butyl xanthate in mineral   processing wastewaterJOURNAL   OF ENVIRONMENTAL MANAGEMENT2021
22Investigation   of nanobubble enhanced reverse anionic flotation of hematite and associated   mechanismsPowder   Technology2021
23Statistical   analysis and optimization of reverse anionic hematite flotation integrated   with nanobubblesMinerals   Engineering2021
163Sobhy,   Ahmed陶东平
24Ultrasensitive   photoelectrochemical sensing of H2S based on in-situ formation of multiple   heterojunctionsSENSORS   AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL2021
25One   step co-sintering of silicon carbide ceramic membrane with the aid of boron   carbideJournal   of the European Ceramic Society2021241李双李双
26Bastnasite   nanoparticles in carbonatite-syenite-hosted REE deposit: implication for La   and Ce migration and bastnasite growthCHEMOSPHERE2021
27Removal   of sulfadiazine from aqueous solution by in-situ activated biocharEnvironmental   Research2020

28Adsorption   Mechanism and Structure-Performance Relationship of Chromium Ions by BiocharWATER   AIR AND SOIL POLLUTION202023110李梦红李梦红
29Adsorption   Mechanisms and Characteristics of Hg(2+)Removal by Different Fractions of   BiocharWATER2020128郭晓丽李梦红
30Zirconia   ultrafiltration membranes on silicon carbide substrate: microstructure and   water fluxJOURNAL   OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY20204012李双李双
31Removal   of heavy metals from soil by vermiculite supported layered double hydroxides   with three-dimensional hierarchical structureCHEMICAL   ENGINEERING JOURNAL2020390
32Crack   tolerant TaC-SiC ceramics prepared by spark plasma sinteringCERAMICS   INTERNATIONAL20204616李双李双
33Investigation   on the capture performance and influencing factors of ZIF-67 for hydrogen   sulfideSEPARATION   AND PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGY2020250
34Ultraviolet-B   radiation of Haematococcus pluvialis for enhanced biological contact   oxidation pretreatment of black odorous water in the symbiotic system of   algae and bacteriaBIOCHEMICAL   ENGINEERING JOURNAL2020157
35Fabrication   of ZrO2 whisker modified ZrO2 ceramics by oscillatory pressure sinteringCERAMICS   INTERNATIONAL20204611李双李双
36Theoretical   Investigation of the Energies, Structures, and Growth Properties of   Hydromagnesite SurfacesCRYSTAL   GROWTH & DESIGN2020206陆帅帅陆帅帅
37Enhanced   removal of Cr(VI) from wastewater by nanoscale zero valent iron supported on   layered double hydroxidesJOURNAL   OF POROUS MATERIALS2020276赵世凤孟子霖
38Study   on the Desulfurization and Regeneration Performance of Functional Deep   Eutectic SolventsACS   OMEGA2020525王宝华安久涛
39Enhanced   strength and toughness of silicon carbide ceramics by graphene   platelet-derived laminated reinforcementJOURNAL   OF ALLOYS AND COMPOUNDS2020834
40Plasma-catalytic   degradation of ciprofloxacin in aqueous solution over different MnO2   nanocrystals in a dielectric barrier discharge systemCHEMOSPHERE2020253
41Historical   Evolution of Sources and Pollution Levels of Heavy Metals in the Sediment of   the Shuanglong Reservoir, ChinaWATER2020127周子柯牛晓音
42Construction   of PDDA functionalized black phosphorus nanosheets/BiOI Z-scheme   photocatalyst with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activityJOURNAL   OF COLLOID AND INTERFACE SCIENCE2020576
43Insights   into the structures, energies and electronic properties of nesquehonite   surfaces by first-principles calculationsADVANCED   POWDER TECHNOLOGY2020318陆帅帅陆帅帅
44Removing   organic matters from reverse osmosis concentrate using advanced   oxidation-biological activated carbon process combined with   Fe3+/humus-reducing bacteriaECOTOXICOLOGY   AND ENVIRONMENTAL SAFETY2020203
45Structural   and electronic properties of bastnaesite and implications for surface   reactions in flotationJOURNAL   OF RARE EARTHS2020383曹世明曹亦俊
46Genesis   of Early Permian A-type granites in the middle of the Great Xing'an Range and   constraints on tectonic evolution of the Zhalantun areaACTA   PETROLOGICA SINICA2020364张超吴新伟
47Final-Stage   Magmatic Record of Paleo-Asian Oceanic Subduction? Insights from Late Permian   to Early Triassic Intrusive Rocks in the Yanbian Area, Easternmost Central   Asian Orogenic BeltMINERALS2020109张超刘正宏
48Insight   of soil amelioration process of bauxite residues amended with organic   materials from different sourcesENVIRONMENTAL   SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH201926
49Impacts   of Cu and sulfadiazine on soil potential nitrification and diversity of   ammonia-oxidizing archaea and bacteriaENVIRONMENTAL   POLLUTANTS AND BIOAVAILABILITY201931
50Responses   difference analysis of soil potential nitrification rates to Cu and   sulfadiazine. Environmental Pollutants and BioavailabilityENVIRONMENTAL   POLLUTANTS AND BIOAVAILABILITY201931
51Competitive   adsorption of antibiotic tetracycline and ciprofloxacin on montmorilloniteAPPLIED   CLAY SCIENCE2019180
52One-pot   formation of magnetic layered double hydroxide based on electrostatic   self-assembly to remove Cr(VI) from wastewaterAPPLIED   CLAY SCIENCE20191821赵世凤孟子霖
53Large   Deformation Mechanism and Three-Level Control Technology of Entry Retaining   in Three-Soft Thick Coal Seams.GEOTECHNICAL   AND GEOLOGICAL ENGINEERING2020386马资敏王昊昊
54Study   on the desulfurization performance of metal -based low transition temperature   mixtures: Removal of hydrogen sulfide and sulfur recoveryFUEL   PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY2019193
55Tuning   microstructures and separation behaviors of pure silicon carbide membranesCERAMICS   INTERNATIONAL20194515李双李双
56Sol-gel   derived zirconia membrane on silicon carbide substrateJOURNAL   OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY20193913李双李双
57Microstructure   and fracture strength of silicon nitride ceramics consolidated by oscillatory   pressure sinteringCERAMICS   INTERNATIONAL20194512李双李双
58Zirconia   ceramics consolidated by oscillatory pressure sintering and subsequent   carburizationCERAMICS   INTERNATIONAL2019457李双李双
59Evaporation-condensation   derived silicon carbide membrane from silicon carbide particles with   different sizesJOURNAL   OF THE EUROPEAN CERAMIC SOCIETY2019395李双李双
60Removing   anionic dyes from wastewater based on in-situ formation of Fe3O4@Zn-Al   layered double hydroxides by self-assemblyAPPLIED   CLAY SCIENCE2019170
61Comparing   the performance of various nanofiltration membranes in advanced   oxidation-nanofiltration treatment of reverse osmosis concentratesENVIRONMENTAL   SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH20192617李娜卢杰
62Dimethylsulfoxide-Dependent   Environments for Fabricating Graphene Hydrogels for High-Performance   SupercapacitorJOURNAL   OF NANOSCIENCE AND NANOTECHNOLOGY2019199蒋曼邢令宝
63Removal   of NO3-N in alkaline rare earth industry effluent using modified coconut   shell biocharWATER   SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY2019804由晗扬马艳飞
64Adsorption   of sulfamethoxazole and tetracycline on montmorillonite in single and binary   systemsCOLLOIDS   AND SURFACES A-PHYSICOCHEMICAL AND ENGINEERING ASPECTS2019575
65Adsorption   of cationic and anionic dyes on montmorillonite in single and mixed   wastewaterJOURNAL   OF POROUS MATERIALS2019266张茜孟子霖
66Plasma-catalytic   high-efficiency oxidation of NO over Co-Mn/Ti catalysts using surface   dielectric barrier discharge plasmaVACUUM2019167
67Effects   of underflow orifice diameter on the hydrocyclone separation performance with   different feed size distributionsPOWDER   TECHNOLOGY2019355
68Superlattice   assembly of two dimensional CoFe-LDHs nanosheets and titania nanosheets   nanohybrids for high visible light photocatalytic activityMATERIALS   LETTERS2019236
69Synthesis   and characterization of TiO2/graphene oxide nanocomposites for photoreduction   of heavy metal ions in reverse osmosis concentrateRSC   ADVANCES2018860张惠卢杰
70Promotion   by humus-reducing bacteria for the degradation of UV254 absorbance in   reverse-osmosis concentrates pretreated with O-3-assisted UV-Fenton methodENVIRONMENTAL   TECHNOLOGY20183917夏交辉卢杰
71A   method for determining steady velocity of shallow water flow on hill-slope   and the distance when water flow reaches stabilityJOURNAL   OF HYDROLOGY2018565
72Modeling   sediment concentration of rill flowJOURNAL   OF HYDROLOGY2018561
73The   influence of aging on the comparative terrestrial ecotoxicity potential of   copper and zinc in soilsENVIRONMENTAL   SCIENCE AND POLLUTION RESEARCH20182528刘爱菊刘爱菊
74Binding   mechanisms of polysaccharides adsorbing onto magnetite concentrate surfacePOWDER   TECHNOLOGY2018340
75Selective   removal of methyl orange and Cr anionic contaminants from mixed wastewater by   in-situ formation of Zn-Al layered double hydroxidesAPPLIED   CLAY SCIENCE2018161
76Toxicity   Assessment of Binary Metal Mixtures (Copper-Zinc) to Nitrification in   Soilless Culture with the Extended Biotic Ligand ModelARCHIVES   OF ENVIRONMENTAL CONTAMINATION AND TOXICOLOGY2017722刘爱菊王军
77Enhanced   toughness of zirconia ceramics with graphene platelets consolidated by spark   plasma sinteringINTERNATIONAL   JOURNAL OF APPLIED CERAMIC TECHNOLOGY201714
78Thermochronology   of the Sulu ultrahigh-pressure metamorphic terrane: Implications for   continental collision and lithospheric thinningTECTONOPHYSICS2017712-713
80O3-assisted   UV-Fenton treatment of refining reverse osmosis water: optimization of   process conditions by response surface methodologyDESALINATION   AND WATER TREATMENT201766
81Constructing   the magnetic bifunctional graphene/titania nanosheet-based composite   photocatalysts for enhanced visible-light photodegradation of MB and   electrochemical ORR from polluted waterSCIENTIFIC   REPORTS201712296
张茜zhang   yihe, yu xuelian, an qi
82Non-thermal   plasma injection-CeO2-WO3/TiO2 catalytic method for high-efficiency oxidation   of elemental mercury in coal-fired flue gasCHEMICAL   ENGINEERING JOURNAL2017325